Long, Sad Story!!

So it all started out perfect. I thought I was the luckiest woman alive when I met him. He was so sweet and romantic. And I KNEW he loved me. Not a day went by where he didn't call me beautiful. Those were the good old days, I cry when I think back on that. That was about 4 years ago, wow have things changed. He proposed to me 6 months after we met, though we never did end up marrying. I read in an email that he had sent to a female "friend" that he didn't want to marry me bc then I could get half his stuff. Nice, huh? We got pregnant and had a beautiful baby, things were still doing ok. Aside from occasionally explosions of anger and name calling. I ended up getting pregnant again shortly after our baby was born. At 5 months I had a miscarriage. It was horrible. He blamed me for her death. So about 2 months after that, all the while he was very resentful of the fact that he worked and I stayed home with the baby and just suffered a miscarriage I am still not over! It all came to a head one day, he blew up telling me he hated me , blah , blah. So I yelled back saying fine, im leaving with the baby and you can have her on the weekends. Well mr controlling that he is, did not like that. He proceeded to call the cops on me saying that I couldn't take my baby out of state, which is where I am from, 35 minutes away. The police sided with him, told me to leave and straighten things out when they calmed down. Then he wouldn't let me come get her the next day, he said they'd call the cops if I came on there property. So I had to take it to court! It was awful, going to court. I just wanted it to be amicable but it's his way or no way. The judge gave me Monday thru Friday and he the weekends. After that, things were sad and I missed the man I fell in love with. After a few weeks of being apart, we started hanging out again. Trying to work things out for the baby and I wanted us to be a family. I felt guilty that I couldn't make it work. Still do. I thought things were going well, we were going to his house to visit and slept over, slept together! But he was lying to me, to everyone. While we were apart he tried every dirty trick to hurt me. Telling me I'm a bad mother, bringing up my past, etc. I never did that **** to him! Through text message, he ended it saying that he was only doing it bc he missed the baby, and that he still wants to be friends, ugh!! Once again he has broken my heart. He blames me for everything, including this. And I have a feeling he's already with someone else. I wouldn't be surprised. I miss him and they way he used to love me. He broke my heart in a million pieces with everything that's happened. I know I shouldn't be with him but I feel like I'm never going to find anyone else. It sucks. Well that is my loooong drama filled story! There is so much I skipped if anyone has questions! It felt good to get it out.
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4 Responses Apr 14, 2012

Ohhow they change all over sudden. Wats wrong with these f***kd up guys. uknow wat gal....let him go..life goes on, u wil be ok someday. U r worth alot more than that. As long as u keep his child in his life. control yo anger n deal with tht looser.

If all of us could be wise enough to gauge the inner thoughts of another, there will be no unions of love, possibly. Even if we could, people's opinions and mannerism keep changing sometimes... Hence, i always suggest; marry someone who loves u; not someone u love

I'm sorry to hear that sweetie, I'm going through a similar situation, I actuaclly googled. Your story just for comfort but I read in the bible today tht, God closes dooors for a reason, it doesn't mean it won't open again but right now isn't the right time. Hope this helps some...just pray n read the bible for relief.

Hi! Well it just never ends, lol. Turns out, of course he has a new gf already who he "loves". It's been maybe 3 months. How can u love someone that quick and hello, we had barely ended. I'm not dealing with this well. I keep imagining my daughter being with him on the weekend and the 3 of them playing house. I need advice, someone please comment.