Hate To Hate

Hate to me such a strong wrd but tht is the way i feel and had the feeling for a very long time i met my sons dad at age 18 we weren't together but a few months but during that time i got pregnaunt. i didn't want to have a baby butter before my son was born we were no longer a couple which was because of me just wasn't used to a guy wanting to b around all the time i didn't like that my son was born and he just never bonded with him not that he did have the chance to he decided nt to life went on he got married had other children and has relationships with them my son and his other siblings do have a relationship with each other and nt because of their dad because of his deceased first wife the only thing he did was pay child support which was court ordered no emotional support at all my son is a adult now but struggles with why he was treated different and i hate that this man hurt my child
sweetty70 sweetty70 41-45 Jul 3, 2012

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