Me and my baby's father were just supposed to be friends with benefits. We both agreed that we weren't going to let feelings get involved n if we had the slightest hint to ourselves that one of us was getting feelings, we would just have to call it off. We agreed on strictly sex, while being friends and not making it awkward. Well, I ended up pregnant. Which I'm excited about the baby and so is he. The only problem now with me is that i don't want to be with him!!!! I have no feelings for him in that way. He is seriously gettig on my last nerve! He wants to be together and he keeps bringing it up. He's starting to get bossy with me too like he TOLD me that in was cold blooded because I wouldn't let him come to my personal appointments, but that he could come to the sonograms, he wants the baby to have his last name so he can " stand back and look at what he created" I was like WHAT?!?! He also just wants to be around me alllll the time, and then to make matters worse he owns a crappy car shop that he lives in, it's dirty it leaks it has mice n roaches, spiders out the *** the ceiling isn't finished on it and when the baby is born he old me that he wants to "sleep under the same roof as the baby" he wants to spend the night at my moms house or he wants me to bring the baby to stay withhim in that horrible shop. I just get soooo frustrated with him. I know he wants to be apart of the baby's life, but back up off of me!!! I don't want him, I don't wantto live with him, I'm NOT letting my baby sleep in that ran down shop and imnot giving my baby his last name.
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regardless the baby is going to need a father...these are the consequences that come with having sex with someone....there is always that risk that u might end up pregnant....u gotta give the relationship a try for the bbys sake...he sounds like he has good intentions....u know how many dads dont want anything to do with their kids!!! i mean u dont have to move in with him....yall can take things sloww....