i hate my babys father! he wants nothing to do with her! i dont know why he wouldnt want to be apart of this beautiful little girls life!
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How old is he? Do his parents know they have a grandchild? I despise men who neglect their children. God has given men a great privilege in allowing us to be fathers without going through even a small percentage of what women go through to become mothers. Yet a good father has a profound influence on the outcome of his child's life. One thing I would say to girls everywhere. Be very careful in selecting the guys you sleep with. One may become a baby daddy without you meaning for him to.

The only thing you can do from here is to find a good man to have a relationship with. He probably won't be a hot hunk, but rather a nice person who is stable and has a good job. He might be overweight and out of your league in terms of attractiveness (not attractive enough as a male to merit your consideration). But he might be a great dad. Many men want to be good dads. Many older men secretly want to be dad again. Not all of us are selfish.

my babys daddy never texts or calls and he lives like a few minutes away and he can walk his ahappy *** over here to see his kid but i know he wont do it he doesnt care one bit

I know How you feel my sons father is like that but when he comes to town to make himself look good hell see him 3 times out of the whole 2 weeks hell be here. Luckily my son has my boyfriend as a father figure.

with all do respesct bjayB ur in this group looking for skype sex ? how does that have to do with anything i have written ? not trying to be mean or anything like that . but nope not interested sorry

awww thank you

sure you can find a person that will love her as his own and bring her up with you