I Have No Feelings For Him Other Than He Is A P.o.s.

my baby's father terminated his parental rights when she was a baby, she is about to turn 3... he also has a 5 year old daughter from a one night stand that he hasn't seen in over a year, he is always late paying his child support to that baby's mama, i have never gotten any from him because he revoked his rights. he still tells people that he is a father even though he is a ***** DONOR. he impregnated his other baby's mama while she was 17 and he was nearly 30 and claims she "got him drunk and raped him" yeah f**king right how can a grown *** man get taken advantage of by an underage girl? regardless quit trying to play the daddy card because me and your other babys mama know how you really are... a worthless, childish, ratchet, ugly ***, mouth breathing, perverted *** piece of sh*t total WASTE OF SPACE sorry *** excuse for a human being... the only reason i am glad that he wasn't a blow job from his mama is because my daughter is amazing , even though she gets 100% of that from her mama.. damn ***** donor..
sickofitall85 sickofitall85
Dec 13, 2012