For What He Did

My twin girls' father brutally raped my in Novmember. The police did not charge him. I was to embaressèd to testify against him. But, I love kids and I'm going to try to keep them. I can't bear the thought of having the chance they would be split up. Lately their father has been parked outside my house. He is sixteen or seventeen. He doesn't know I'm pregnant. He wants me to come outside to him but, I'm to scared. He is a rapist. And a loonitic. He is crazy. I hate him. I'm scared of him. After he raped me he stabed my thigh.( Almost hit a major vein) I past out from the blood loss. Anyway I hate him more than anything in the world. And know you know why.
Crazylover15 Crazylover15
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013