Love Is Blind

I gave birth to my first son at the age of 17. I should have walked away from him then considering he came to the hospital the day I was induced but was a no show the next day. 7 months after my son was born,he tried to com back in our life and me being so young let him back in. Worst mistake. He went to prison and I started talking to this guy who made me feel away I never felt before. I ended up pregnant with his son which is when my life changed forever. My first sons father got out of prison and I was pregnant with someone elses child. I couldn't tell him the truth. So I made him think the baby was his the whole time I was pregnant until the truth was revealed. I blame myself even today for everything he started to do to me after I had my second son including the beatings everyday,the name callings, everything.
Redemned Redemned
Jan 22, 2013