Here We Go Again!

Seriously? So my ex, (my sons father), starting dating this woman a little after we broke up. She seemed like a really nice person. She was licensed in home daycare. I have full custody of my son and his father pays me child support. Usual dead beat dad story blah blah blah.....


They were together for 3 years and come to find she was a con artist! She was married before and has 2 kids. She was arrested. Well now my baby daddy won't leave me alone! He isn't being mean or anything and he isn't trying to get in my pants, YET. But he is trying so hard to make me hate this woman. I have seen the charges against her and all the crap she has been through. But he himself is an *******. He's an abuser. He sent me a text today saying she was filing charges against him because he blackmailed her to have sex for her to keep the car that was under his name. I texted back that he did the same damn thing with me! If i didn't have sex with him he wouldn't sign the papers and would fight me for custody. Yes, people, I did **** him. It was a lot cheaper than getting a damn lawyer. And we did have a kid together.

So what the hell? The funny thing is. He hasn't once said he wants to see his son. It has been over a year. My son is 3!!!!!!!!!

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

My daughter is 8. Her father has seen her maybe 5 times. I can't help but to feel like it's my fault. I brought her into this world. I will never understand how any parent just doesn't give a f... about their children

Its hard seperating yourself from the father of your child, you feel obligated to stay in his life for your child.. But if he is no good (witch it sound like) Then distance youself now before your child gets hurt by him. Easier said then done i know. But once you get past the i miss him stage or i cant do it without him stage or even the whats my son missing out on when it comes to him... Things will look beautiful.. its just getting past that.. now that you have full cusdity, he has no say in what choices you make. just dont fall for his sweet talk and think its any different then the bull lies hes told you before

That piece of ish deserves whatever he gets for what he's done to you. Its just karma. Concentrate on your beautiful son and stay away from that drama king.

Treat him as is if he is HIV positive child molester. Stay away from him! He is obviously worthless. You deserve so much better. Don't become entangled in the horrifying drama he creates. You have something wonderful to take your attention away from all negativity. Enjoy that beautiful baby boy and focus on making life better for the both of you.