Its a Whole Lot.

I haven't had my baby yet, I am six month's along. So... I'm still working on it.

But to make a long story short, he started out being a really good boyfriend. We didn't fight or anything and I'm used to fighting with everyone, so It was a real relief that it was like this. Well, months on into it, it starts going down hill like everything eventually does and we break up at the end of September. I started seeing my ex before him sometime in October, and that didn't work out. (imagine that, lol)
So I found out that I was pregnant in November, and I didn't tell anyone because I was really scared about it until I went and made an ultrasound appointment at the clinic. (They do it free there) So to keep the drama to a low, I didn't tell anyone until the ultrasound confirmed the date. Which turned out to be October 1st. When I first tried telling him, It caused a lot of drama because he's getting married now to a girl he knew at the time for literally 3 weeks. So, I just dropped it and decided that I was just going to do this on my own. Well, a couple of months ago, His fiance' talked to one of my friends and she said something to her about it, and that caused me a lot of hate mail from her and his mother. They started telling people that I slept with four people and that half the town could be this baby's daddy, and that is certainly not true. So after all of this he not once had anything to say to me, it was all his mother and his fiance'. Until one day I get a single text message that say's "I am signing my right's over." And that was fine with me, because I was back in that sweet spot where I didn't have to deal with any of this ****, or his family, or them making **** up about me to make me seem like the bad one. 

Then I started thinking more about my baby girl and what I was going to tell her when she gets old enough to realize that she doesn't have a father. So instead of letting him sign his rights over, I'm making him pay child support with supervised visits if he chooses to use them. I would love to never have to deal with him ever again, but it's not about me anymore, it's about her, and she has the right to have that chance to know her father. Whether he makes the choice to be a good father or not, is up to him. But he will support her. I don't get out of it, and neither does he. She'll know why her father doesn't come around. But she will also know that it wasn't because I was trying to keep her from him. It just seems like the right thing to do. But god damn I hate him.


And this might not seem so bad to you guys. But it was really a lot of bullshit and I really needed to get it out.

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Thats alot 2 handle for any person. I think u chose to do the right thing.

Thank you so much. :)