He Really F*cked Up

His name is Rameses McAllister and currently lives in St.Charles Missouri in his momma's basement with his no job, no car, and no driver license having  a**. He owes me over $5,000 in back child support. He doesn't want to pay. He is 34 years old and needs to grow the **** up.

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He may have thought he got one over on you...but true enough it will catch up to him ....if it hasnt already.

Loved this post!! I am currently dealing with a similar situation! Put his behind on blast every chance you get!

omg my baby daddys name is Richard Rowe from tucson Arizona he is 36, hasnt had a stable job in several years,will work for cash to avoid paying support. He doesnt have a license or a vehicle and is just shacked up with a Chilis bartender named evelyn moreno, she has two kids buts apparently their dad is in prison for being a molester so my ex helps her with her kids lives off of her and does nothing for my poor baby

Some people just tend to be lazy and not see the real responsibilities that they have. They tend to rely on others' fortunes or what not and "claim" it as theirs. They ought to grow up and face the world head on.

Fucc that class shyt. Put that nicca name everywhere. THank you.


you really shouldn't be posting someones name and where they live...you should show some class...


you go girl . his first and last name and all