He's So Dumb.

My unborn baby's father is a complete idiot.... I DESPISE HIM SO MUCH. I was debating for months whether or not to cut him out of my life... then I found out I was pregnant. I am so happy, but not that he is the father. Now this moron is going to be in my life.... forever. And since I do not want to share my child, I am moving in with him. I really hope my child doesn't pick up his habits from being around him or inherit his brains.... I WANT A MAN NOT A KID. BLAHHHHHHHH

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Than why move in with him ar u not afraid ur baby will pick up the bad vibe between you two.

Ok you despise this man and want nothing to do with him yet you are moving in with him? Ummm how does that help your child exactly?

Oh my gosh....I am in the exact same situation. I can't believe I was ever in a relationship with my babies father. He is such an immature idiot. We're 24 years old and he's a mental 12 year old. He farts, eats with his mouth open, blows spit bubbles (really gross), walks around barefoot 90% of the time and drinks too much. He's also a liar and a total mamma's boy. The great thing about him is his family. They have really been there for me and the baby.<br />
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I also almost made the mistake of moving in with him becaus of pressure from my family and his. Thankfully..he screwed up and lost his job and has had to move back in with his parents. He never takes anything seriously which makes me nervous to have him around my daughter. He smokes and holds her and kisses her with cigarette smoke all over him even though I've asked him not to because she's just a baby and could get sick from it. And today he kissed her with a cold sore on his mouth. ( You can say I'm being over protective but babies die from things like that). The worst part is that he pretends with his friends and family that he loves us so much but never makes the effort to see her. He just doesn't want anyone to think he's the douche bag he really is.<br />
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He's not an evil guy, he's just tooooo immature to be a father. I kinda wish he would just be honest and step back from us. We would be just fine without him. Maybe in a few years he'll be ready, but I want someone better for my gorgeous little girl.

If you can help it, dont move in with him. If hes going to change or become a better man, he needs to do it on his own. Dont sacrifice the happiness of you and your baby for the comfort of some idiot! Been there, done that and it doesnt work honey....:(