All I Feel Like Doing Is Shouting At Him.

 I know I haven't spoken to anyone in this group but forgive me - I need to get this off my chest.


For the past four weeks Iv'e been single. I couldn't tell him straight away, he was in jail for a while before I told him. It may seem like a horrible time to do it. I felt like I was in a repeating series of events - 


He would try hard to behave.

A few months later he would get sick of it.

He would lose his temper.

**** someone off enough for them fight with him.

Then they would have him charged with something.


This time is was different, he became really negative toward me and kept telling me things that were against his other friends, like he really wanted to kill in various ways because of all the wrong things they did to him. These things were only small things - like someone owing him about seventy dollars and someone else told me that he had been seeing someone else. Also he stayed in the bedroom all day except for a about an hour, sometimes extra time with our two kids then he would go back in the bedroom. As if any more time with them would be too annoying for him, the kids used to cry about it. Well, with me doing the housework and being with them didn't leave much time for them. Even though I would try to do most of it after the kids went to bed but by then I was exhausted.


It used to upset me and he would never give me a reason as to why he would not stay out longer - the only thing I could figure is that he just could not put up with it. It used to upset me knowing that the kids were upset by him; staying in the bedroom all the time and then coming out once they had been put to beds. I worried about what they thought about that. 


When I mentioned earlier that he was always charged with the same thing has left me wondering. It was always women, it happened four, maybe five times and it was always the same charge. Since I know what he is like behind closed bedroom doors.........The last time we had sex it was so unromantic and turned me off. I'm so glad wer'e not together any more. He hurt me too much.


That's another thing I know I 'll never get an answer too - last month I went to see a movie on my own (twice, I might add) and then I asked him if he would see it with me. At first he said he would, he changed his mind a couple of days later. His reason, "You'll just ask questions all throught the movie." Then he tells me he is going to see it with another girl he knows, that upset me. He made up a dumb excuse just so he could go and see it with her. We never did anything special together and he expected me to live with that! 


Also I would ask that he spend time with me and the kids, the more he spent time in the bedroom. I asked him to help with house work, he went and helped his friends with it. 

We were together ten years, he was never like this when we first got together. I can't be bothered dealing with him any more, I have children that need my attention.


I can't wait to find some one that will treat me like I deserve to be treated.
simstarr simstarr
26-30, F
Feb 28, 2010