What Happened To My Life

I've been married 6 years now.i have a daughter from previous relationship. Color the last 5 years i have been the only one
working.I am 30 years old my husband is 44. I have started to resent him. Honestly the only reason i stick it out is because my son is possible adhd... I've had him in daycare.. now i can't afford it so my husband will watch him now..i work all day come home cook, clean
. He now smokes weed daily, drinks,dips tobacco.i am losing interest on him. And sometimes i think if he cheats on me no big deal because he is not very good...i have not cheated on him... but I've thought about it.sometimes i think I'm losing myself and happiness.... why did my life end up this way :(
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I think there are so many of us that do this. If you have the means be on your own with your children. Dealing with a husband like that is just another job.