I Cant Stand My Bestfriend

I cant stand my best friend.. or ex best friend. She does not consider black people as humans, and doesnt think woman should have the right to vote. A few months ago when she was 15 she got a fake id that said she was 23 and got hired as a exotic dancer. When she is a exotic dancer she comes to school dressed totally inappropriate, she will come in clip in hair extensions, shortshorts so short everyone can see her underwear, a lacy tanktop, that when she bends down in her bra fillers are completley visible, studded 4inch heels, and her eyes circled in blackeyeliner... on a good day. Lately she has not been afraid to throw insults around either by telling me that i look fatter than i used to, or back handed compliments like if those girls dressed up they could look way hotter than you, but you just try to keep  in shape. She acts like she is better than me for her new job, and tried to pressure me into doing it, but when I told her no, she said she was willing to reach her dreams in the hardest ways possible unlike me. We have not talked in about a week and  a half and I am not sure if we ever will again, she got furious with me because i would not let her sneak into my house and let her sleep under my bed at three in the morning, like I have before. I think I would be way better off with out her, but she is/was my only really close friend.
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

im frm scotland and my pal did sumthin similur 2 urs.she caused a rift between me and my family.things were bad untill i thought 2 myself why am i letting her bring me down. i told her that she was right out of order talking 2 me that way and basicly told her 2 sort out her life or go to hell.now me and my family are closer than ever and i have sum gr8 new pals that i can do anything with.and as for ma ex best pal i dnt know what shes doing and frankly i dont even care....get rid of her i promise you will find a friend that treats u like a pal shuld