What Do I Do Were So Differet Now???

       My best friend is nothing like me in dont get what people mean by oppisites attract because it dosnt work for me and her i an a cheerleader and she is emo.... (goth) she always says how bad her life is and her step mom is so mean but ive met her many times and she is very nice to me and her like one my friend and i were in her room and her stepmom was all girls do you need any thing i could run you to the store or we could go to the mall and my friend was like no F**C**N way i would go in public with you so i dont really think she has a problem then she steels every thing from me (i dont mean to sound vain or any thing) but i always do eyeliner hears or a smily face on the side of my eye so she just started and i said something about it and she was like i did that way before you did
       also i have liked this boy forever and have never had the guts to tell him because of her she told me that i would never ever have a chance with him because he is a grade older than me even though me and him have been friends 4ever and it kind makes me upset that she dose this kind of stuff
      i have done some stuff to her but nothing like she has to me i have told her that i know im prettyer than her cuz she always baggs on her self and im tired of it she always is like your so much prettyer than me and at first i was like thanks or like no im not but every day for like 7 mounths gets annoying so one day i blew up and was like i know so she stoped sayin that and started saying how skinny i am witch always is annoying ugg i cant stand her
      we changed so much and i am sooo bugged can any one tell me how to tell her i dont wanna be friends?????
cheerxchic24 cheerxchic24
13-15, F
Aug 3, 2010