My "so Called" Bestfriend

Ok so like me and my bestfriend have been BFFS since 3rd grade and now she has a bunch of new friends and is like way more popular than me. Yesterday she had two friends over and (me and her live on the same street) i saw them outside. Like why didnt she invite me out there with them if my house is like right there? And like she brings me down alot and is mean to me sometimes for no reason at school. I dont want to be her friend anymore but i know if i wasnt i wouldnt really have anything. I sit with her at lunch and on the bus and i go to the mall and movies and other places with her and if i wasnt her friend who would do those things with me? I really only do those things with her but she has other friends to do those things with. And whenever we have plans but then a popular girl invites her somewhere she chooses them over me even though we had plans first! Seriously i dont know what to do anymore. Please help?
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2 Responses Apr 21, 2011

she cant be a true friend if she does that just find a new friends and make your best friend so jelouse

Hey, If she can't figure out that your just as amazing as the other girls it's her lost, i know i don't know you but i've had this happen to me and you know what If she can find New friends so can you. If she wants to throw away all thoughts years of being best friend then fine find some new girls that would love to be friends with you :)