Nothing Good Lasts.

I want to tell her, that she’s basically turned into her mom, who's a self-centered *****. But, I know I can’t. She will just give me that look, and probably walk away. Then, of course, tell her mom. Who will go on a 15 minute rant about what a *****, *****, **** I am. Her mom basically never forgives. So, why she feels the need to tell her mom about the issues we have. I have no idea. And as long as we’re friends, I will always feel watched by her and her mom. She thinks she can say anything she wants about me, and I won’t do anything.  That’s because I never do anything about it. So why expect something different? I’m too afraid to say something bitchy back, fearing it will set something off, and end up giving her something else she can use against me. She acts like nothing happened, nothings wrong after a fight. And then brings up the issue months later. Why? Why can’t she just be normal and resolve the conflict at the time. I feel, deep down inside, I want to move on. Finally be happy again. But, I could never move on first, no. I’m a wimp.  I would, maybe…but she knows so much. And today, she has proved that she has no trouble announcing my deepest secrets. Why do I put up with her? I don’t know anymore. If she’s not telling me how her parents dislike me, or bitching to me about past events, or talking about Nick, her crush for over 6 months, then she’s teasing me. About everything bad I’ve ever done. Dating someone who isn’t up to her standards. She harassed me from beginning to end of that relationship. And she's the main reason it ended. I couldn't take the constant harassment. But of course, she’s made awful mistakes too. Do I mention them? No. I’m nice. Whenever she has a problem, or a random emotional breakdown, I’m there. I put up with her random phone calls at midnight talking about how much she screwed things up with Nick. All because she sent an "awk" text. 3 days ago I had a problem, a family problem. Not even a petty crush problem, a proper, legit problem. So what does she do? Ignore my texts and calls...then later tells me I was being “really dramatic and annoying.”  She’s pushing it. Digging a hole, I believe will be beyond repair. She has accused me and Nick of liking each other, trashed me in front of my face…because it’s what she’s said in a conversation about me when she was mad at me. She throws around words that hurt. But when you sling them back, she gets upset. She tries to toy with people emotions, She has a very obvious cycle with boys that always ends up in them hating her. Why haven’t I given up yet? Because, this isn’t the girl I became best friends with. Last year, there was the happier side of her. Of course, there were days. But, she was sweeter, nicer, and more innocent. We were happy. Today, was the worst day for us. Ever. But she doesn’t realize that. Over the series of multiple events, in one day, she was able to crush me. And the worst part is. I ended up apologizing. I hate my beIm D
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Thank you, this is my situation. Why can't we escape...

I wish I could. But I feel we might feel powerless without them...