This Should Be Self Explanatory

I have/had a friend and we were on the verge of becoming best friends. Then something goes wrong and jokes turn serious. Hurtful things fly both ways and you can't help but think if this is what that person way thinking the entire time. Did they really WANT to be your friend or did they merely tolerate you because being your friend was convenient and useful. Things are weird now. The fight came way before best friend status was achieved, the state where no matter what you go through your friendship will endure. That is when someone is worthy to be your bestfriend. When no matter what has transpired you are both ready to accept responsibility and move forwards. Real friends don't hate you for your annoying traits. They love you for them. Find someone worthy of your love. I hope I help someone with this.

Peace and Love
johnloveshisname johnloveshisname
May 17, 2012