I Regret It

I've never had a close friend before. And this was the beginning of the 7th grade, and I was feeling really lonely. Enormously depressed even. But then I met this girl, Jordan, and we shared some laughs and some secrets and, you know, friend stuff. She asked if I wanted to be her best friend, (ikr who asks that? LOL), so I said yeah. And for the first 3 months or so it was perfect. Just me and a bestie who was exactly like me in every way. At least, I thought she was. Ever since a few months ago, we've been growing apart. I don't know if she noticed, but we're just so different. Turns out, NOTHING about us is the same. Not to mention the fact that I hate her. She has tons of close friends, lives in an awesome house in an awesome neighborhood, with money to spare, and she decides to think her life sucks? Really? I sleep on the floor 2 nights a week because my sisters boyfriend sleeps over, and we share a bed. I'm only scared of the dark because everytime I walk into the bathroom a gigantic cockroach is waiting to give me a heart attack. I never have money, and when I do, she always questions me about why I never use it for lunch. I say, "I wanna save it." She says, "For what, a notebook?" [Because I'm a writer.] And so I just stop telling her I have 3 bucks in my pocket that I'd rather save then waste on lunch that I don't want to eat anyway. Anyways, enough about my sucky life. xD. The main reason I just dislike her is because she is so ungrateful for what she has! Even I'm grateful for the box of a house I'm living in, and she has the decency to complain? And she's always pointing out my flaws. Telling me when I get a fact wrong, or when I color outside the lines, or when I say a word wrong. It just makes me want to scream. I don't even feel guilty for hating her, because she deserves it. I stroll along everyday agreeing that we're "best friends", and meanwhile I'm sulking around thinking: I wish I never met you.

I just don't know what to do anymore. -.-
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

ill be ur BBF but i dont think u will like a 11 yr old

hi ^^ im 12 right now (2014 -.-) and i was wondering if you wanted to talk a bit

yeah i feel the samee.......but you dont have to hate her because of what she is

Same here ! :(