My Best Friend. Or So I Thought.

I have known this girl my entire life. I have been friends with her since sixth grade and now we are in 11th grade. today she snapped at me again specifically for excluding her from hanging out yesterday. What she doesn't understand is how it made me feel. She made me feel like **** for not inviting her. I've been depressed for three ******* years and she always ******* does this. First of all, she made fun of me in middle school constantly. She would always call me awkward because I'm really skinny and she was fat. She made me feel awkward she didn't say she made me feel it. So I believe her. I have been struggling my whole ******* high school career because of those comment because I started to believe her and then to think hey maybe I am ******* awkward. And she just manipulates people to the point where you just can't trust her anymore. Like for instance in ninth grade she decided to cut this girl to Kate out of our friendship circle. Just cut her out. Just because she didn't like her. How do you think that made Kate feel? It made us feel really really uncomfortable but we sort of started to believe her. She would tell us that Kate was making up her stories that we shouldn't believe her. And we still don't. She makes me feel horrible about myself. Another time she called me late Sunday night and started ragging on me. She told me that I had hurt this girl Julia and that I was so mean to everyone, that i made alll these mean comments. She then turned my friend Katelyn against me by riling her up talking about how mean I was. Later I asked Julie about it and she didn't know what I was talking about. She ******* made it up.
People who don't really know her like I do instantly assume she is a sweet, kind, funny person. Like my friend Jessie texted her the other day saying you are the kindest and sweetest person ever. I just feel bad because I know she might hurt Jessie and others. She keeps making these promises to people that she's going to hang out with them or do something with them and then she never follows through. And she does it on purpose. At the time she just wants to please them and get them all excited but in reality she doesn't really give a **** about them. I don't know what to do. She hurts so many people.
Mjhcat Mjhcat
May 18, 2012