I Hate My Best Friend .

I'm a 12 year old girl and i have a bff , but she is abnormal . She doesn't care about my problems , she only talks about her and her and only her !
Ok so , we are both in seventh grade . At the beginning of school we started to be friends and we got closer and closer , I loved her so much and we shared everything , now I can't even remember how it was to care about her . . . In the middle of the second term , she started going to other groups , chatting , hugging and she became popular . Thing is everyone liked her more than me , then I got really jealous . She never understood anything I told her . I tried to be like her but I couldn't . I wish I can get things between us back as they were . But , I just can't :(
Right now , I'm keeping it secret . She doesn't know I hate her but I totally ignore her . I can't tell her that I hate her and I don't wanna be friends with her anymore .... :(((((
- keep hatin her
- talk to her , sort things out
- break up
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I have the same problem with my best friend.. I'm also 12, about to be 13, and she annoys the heck out of me now. Just like you... We became friends at the start of the year, and now I totally hate her. But I also ignore her, and she notices, and she just gets under my nerves. I've hit rock bottom with her, and I'm about to tell her what I feel. So maybe you should do the same. Just talk to her, if you are really best friends, she would understand. If she doesn't understand and gets mad, I'm afraid... It's over. :( Its life, buddy.. Life... :(

She understood , i told her that i dont like her as i did at the start of the year , we're now just friends