My Best Friend Is Really Mean to Me

 i have a group of friends that i hang out with and im considered the queen bee i guees at school . im a nice girl i really am along with my mom who raised me and im on top of fashon but am also a tom boy and LOVE to hang with the guys. that would be because one of my friends is insanley mean. not only is this just a friend,but ive known her my whole life and our parents are really good friends. but when us 5 friends have sleep overs the friend that ive known since a baby is really mean. she excludes me in everything and says nasty mean comments. they really really hurt me and make me almost want to cry . but when she sayd that kind of stuff , i dont want to get a fight with her so i just keep on acting normall. she swares at me and disses me, she brings my self confedence down so low.  also if i were mean to her back and try to defend myself , shed just say something meaner and go hang out with my other best friend the one that has always been there for me. its really sad because it makes u feel betrayed and shes a mean girl. but then at school shes all over me and smiley i hate it , i hate her, and i hate my school. ive never had problems with friends but with her she always wants to be the main center, so like sleeping she HAS to be in the middle and since im normally in the middle she gets realllllly pissed . i just want to have a friend who i ca tell everything to who wants to laugh pretty much all the time. cuz i love having fun and laughing and all my "friends" now are filled with jelosy at me and are all uptight.

sadlittlekitty sadlittlekitty
18-21, F
Apr 21, 2007