I Don't Know?!

Well, I met my best friend in year 4, and have always been besties ever since. But yesterday, year 8 went to Luna park for the whole school day! It was do much fun and my bestir was on my group with me. In the morning I was hanging out with my other friend and then my bestie came. I was happy to see her but when she was FORCING me to come with her to put her bag away, I just couldn't take it anymore! She forces me to do everything for her: push in the tuck shop line, come to put her back away, buy her things, and she doesnt do any of the things herself. So I told her that I wanted to stay her with my Freind and then she's like 'nah do you what I'll just stay here until the bell rings' which is weird cause she is that fattest in the class and to carry I heavy bag, she would already be sweating! Any way then we couldn't have free time on the computers, there was only one more computer left, so I took it.( it was next to my friend so she got angry!) then she was like 'we are sitting on the bus together and that's final' I was saying yeah but I never promised'. So then she kept filling me around like a stalker so I ignored her. Then she started hanging out with the cool girls( even though firstly, she hates their guts) so I say with my friend. At Luna park my fit end wasn't in my group, but my (ex) bestie was. So she said blah blah blah and I forgave her. Then when we came back to school we had half an hour on the computers and then my bestie (again) say next to me. My Friend computer had already someone using it so she sat or her big puffy dice that she got from Luna park. Then she started hanging out with her other friends (my bestie was glad for that, she hates her!) then while we are playing a game she says to me 'who do you like more me or her?' I got so pi**ed off that I said her my friend then I logged off my computer so I could play with my friend (now my bestie) then when mu (ex bestie again) walked away her computer was still on the game. I thought that was my computer saying in my head 'how did it get logged again?' my ex bestie saw me logging it off and said 'what are you doing?' I said ' I logged off my computer again' no you just logged off my computer' 'I'm sorry I said I thought that it was my computer' she said 'I dont think it was an accident, I think that you deliberately did this on purpose just to annoy me. Shut up you freakin retard, I didn't do that on purpose! Then I just walked away. Now she has been texting me and im so angry at her that I don't know if I should forgive or not?
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No way! She's obviously has problems and you should move on with your other bestie, best of luck!


you are souch an idiot she obviously loves you and doesnt wants to share you with others and you dont know to apreciate it.. now i know why my "best friend" is souch an retard, becouse she is like you!

I'm not an idiot it's just that that she always pushes me and either way we're kinda best friends now and that's not my fault it cause she just never talks to me

Please leave a comment if you think I should forgive her or not