Ive Been Dropped Like A Bomb Just About A Million Times And I Keep Coming Back.

i am young i am 13 years old and i am english and have big family issues i have no father because he went and cheated and has his own family so its just me and my mum and we decided to pack up and move to scotland when i was 7.i have so many racist issues and i meet a girl called emily she is my best friend we stuck together every time we have raccist problems (yes i am white but it doesent make a difference raccism, is from skin color to accents) she has hurt me bad through so many incidents and most of my friends do this i am constantly dropped anyhow she has hurt me through swapping me for bad friends i keep trying to pull things back together even though she has hurt me and i should leave my mum always tells me not to hang around with her and i am not aloud to play with her however i always perswade my mum and emily will run back to me when the bad friend hurts her i spend lots on her i give her my stuff i share my stuff i stick up for her all of this she never has done back to me her mum is stricked and grounds her all the time when im around and i never do anything to hurt emilys feelings yet the bad friend will hurt emily and her mum seems to treat me more horrible and te bad friend will get nothing me and emily have stuck together for three years shes been to all; my birthdays and i have never been to hers each of her birthdays have been amazing ice skating going into glasgow for a trip yet her family has never takin me out once and my family take her everywhere eg grandad,aunt,mum.sometimes i suspecked that emily tells her mother i done that bad things when it was her or the bad friend we have now made it up to highschool and she has meet a girl called kevi now shes dropped me had 2 sleepovers with her and emily isnt allowed out to town which a mile a 5 minute walk which we call over the street with me and she now is with kevi she had a day out with just her and kevi no parents just them and got their nails done together and they were trying on outfits together they were aloud to go to the skate park and all that i am close to killing emily or kevi which i met before emily or killing me i have anger problems and have kept it in but i dont think i can any longer i was never aloud any of this when i was with emily and i am very mature you could tell me a kiddy joke meant for my age and i wont laugh if i dont think something is appopriate i wont do it we have only been in highschool 4-5 weeks and mel(emilys mums name)hardly knows kevi yet she is allowed you can say leave her and i slowly am but its so hard its like putting down your dog i love emily to bits and she means the world to me you can say age is different but i dont care whatever age you are it does not make a difference we all hurt the same and to all of you out there we are all the same we are in this together and we will support eachother read one anothers story and we all have felt the same pain for some we still do.
TRex19 TRex19
Sep 10, 2012