My Bff Ditched Me For Another Friend

so my best friend forever was riley and she was my all time friend and so we had just started school and me and riley had no where to sit on the bus so we sat with my old friend her name was jade. so we sat down and riley started talking to jade and she forgot i was even sitting in the seat and they became best friends and riley and jade ditched me and both got of the bus together. i was really mad at her but thats not all, riley promised me she would play with me at recess and she totally forgot about me and started playing with jade. and the at lunch one time riley walked up to me and said " oh hanalei i can't play with you or be your friend i have way better friends like jade" and i got so mad when she said that i almost cried i don't even know why she even said that i don't even know what to do anymore help me. i want to be friends with my old riley not the rude riley. by the way riley is a girl.

huladancer huladancer
13-15, F
Sep 21, 2012