*****, ****, What Were You Thinking?

My story is far too complicated to understand. I barely understand it myself. Ill just give the facts. This girl has been close with me for pretty much my whole life. Right before highschool starts she decides to go off and have sex with an 18 year old. (And yes she was underage) this went against everything she believed in personally. I know because she told me. She also has a horrible attitude. She thinks the world revolves around her. Shes a flat out *****. Shes even mean to me. But the worst part is i feel like i cant leave her. Shes been a part of my life so long. I almost feel incomplete without her. Its terrible. I want to be independent. I want my old friends back. It feels like this girl ruined my life because since she is mean to everyone else they hate her. And im afraid they hate me too. Its hard to describe my situation purely because it is too much to type. Ive left out many details that i cant share on here. But i just need to get out of this friendship. I dont know how to. Its not like ive never tried. I have. Ive gone up to a week without talking to her but then shell text me and ill give in and text back. Oh yeah. All my fault right? Well keep in mind im not the social type. Meaning i dont have many friends outside of her and a few others ive known my whole life. So leaving her means loosing a "friend". And in highschool friends are kind of essential. Right? I dont know what to do. Also one of my close friends moved. So that didnt help either...
H8hersomuch H8hersomuch
13-15, F
Sep 21, 2012