I Miss the Old Days With Her

She's been my best friend for about 5 years now. We used to have so much fun, going to parties, watching movies while eating unhealthy food, go shopping,... When I got a boyfriend, she didn't want to go out with both her and my boyfriend,so either him or her, which I respected and I tried to spend enough time with both of them separately. It seemed to work, but then she got a boyfriend, my brother... At first I was okay with it, but we never seemed to do anything together anymore. I thought it was because they were only just together, but now we're a year further and we almost never do anything together(but we see each other everyday, because she's in my class, out of school we do practically nothing together). I think my brother's a little obsessed with her too, I mean, if we go get some food after school at Fridays(that's the only thing we do, get food after school on Fridays), he's already nagging that we take too long doing that and that we should be home after 15 minutes, because otherwise, it's too long . Don't get me wrong he's not hitting her or anything it's just the opposite, they can't keep their hands off each other, especially him and he kisses her alllll the time(which is really annoying). My brother also hardly spends any time with his family anymore, his world involves only him and her. He sometimes compares his relationship with her to my relationship with my boyfriend and he assumes it is better than our relationship. Since then I really compare our relationships(which I know I really shouldn't do), and my relationship isn't so great at the moment because of that(but we'll pull through I know for sure). Anyway, my brother has confined in my sister that I'm not acting very nice to his girlfriend anymore, that I'm not being good enough to her, she even told him I got drunk once just to get attention(WHICH WAS SO NOT TRUE) and when I asked her if that were true, she just said it wasn't so now I know she's a liar and she gossips about me.(oh but since I know that, I'm doing a lot of gossiping myself too(not to everyone of course, just to my family(my sister, my parents) and another friend. Now I can't see anything good in her anymore, she really irritates me like in class she wants to take the lead when we do something, she is ALWAYS right and she nags a lot too( ooh I'm not feeling well, my back hurts, my head hurts, oh I sprained my ankle again yesterday, oh I couldn't sleep last night I'm so tired and she sometimes acts like she's gonna faint(which I REALLY think is an act just to get attention) and my brother is always like : omg, are you okay, oh baby. My parents have to drive her home a lot when she's here, because she's too tired, or because she's feeling weak. My boyfriend can't stand her, my other best friend can't stand her, my sister can't stand her so I can always talk to them about it. But all I want is my best friend again, the one I used to have so much fun with, but it seems so impossible right now, we almost don't speak to each other at school anymore, because I am too irritated to talk or because she's feeling bad because she doesn't come along with her parents anymore. Sometimes we have fun but it is getting rare. I know I should talk to her about it and I did, I brought it up a couple of times but she just denies that she gossips about me to my brother, she denies that there's something wrong and than she gets mad, so I really don't bother anymore. Next year, I'm going to university WITH HER, we are both going to study psychology(I know, it's funny) but we decided to do that mooonths ago, when things weren't so bad as they are now. SO, I'm attached to her for another 5 years, I really don't know what to do, I can't just dump her, she's my sister-in-law-to-be . Please help? Desperate girl.

flovertjah flovertjah
18-21, F
Jun 10, 2007