It's Just Me and Him. Or Is It?

Intro:             "The Story Of Me And Him"

We've been friends for about two years now. A teacher in school once told us we were like twins. His name is *David. We were never in the same class, except for one. Technical graphics. Both of our favourite subject. So, I guess that's kind of how we met. We both were the best in the class, and soon realised we appeared to have a lot i common. although, due to the fact that we were not in the same class, we didnt get to spend much time together. so, he'd call me at night. we'd talk for up to four hours a night. but, on average, about 2 and a half hours every night. we developed a huge bond, and became completely 100 per cent able to trust one another. we were best friends. i think, that lasted about a year or so. it was like, 50% me, 50% him. the perfect relationship. but of course, as these boy/girl things go, i began to love him as more than a friend. i never told him though, and it never interfered with our friendship. so it was okay. then he decided that he was going to start dating. he began going out to see them, rather than calling me. i got hella jealous, and we ended up not speaking for the months of May, June, July, August, September and october. On a camping trip we reunited and fell in love again, "friendship" love on his part. He hasn't called me since we became friends again. We were okay for a while, although i found it difficult to trust him. he remained threatened by the idea of us never ebing friends again, and i guess i kept him in line that way. I had no intention of leaving again though. i loved him. oh, and since mine and his "parting of ways" he had a girlfriend. he still goes out with her. fool that i was, i began trusting him again. I trusted he wouldnt leave me for them girls, the way he did before. But, lately, he has broken my heart again. I have two other close male friends, who i use as a shoulder to cry on when *David leaves me in tears. He is extremely jealous that i am so close to these guys, and I am extremely jealous that he loves his girlfriend so much. I know, that's wrong. But, he tells me that he loves us "equally"! i just cannot understand how thats possible.

why i hate him:

I wait on MSN for him all day most days. He never arrives. I say nothing. I didnt go online two nights in a row. He got sooooo annoyed at me.

He calls me his girlfriend's name, and doesnt correct himself.

He does nothing to make him seem like a decent friend to me. He merely imitates the reported actions of my other two close friends, in order to make me like him.

He gets annoyed at me if conversation is bare between us.

He gets annoyed at me for not telling him what my problems are. When I tell him, he changes the subject immediately, and an example of a common reply is "Did I tell you I dropped my guitar to a C??".

He spends all day with "her". And expects me to come running to him whenever he's finished doing her for the day.

His passion is System of a Down. the one band i hate. they make me cringe, and i think it's because when i think of them, i think of him. and it nearly makes me sick.

Music is my life. he wouldnt know a good song if it came up and stabbed him in the eye. his idea of a good song is a good riff. or a good guitar solo. TOTALLY not my idea. he just doesnt appreciate real music. like, lyrics, meaningfulness etc. He listens to SOAD, and NOTHING else. NOTHING. and it honestly makes me feel sick to my stomach.

the apologies. so many apologies. get over yourself man.

and, finally, i hate him becaouse he has turned me into this. the real me. the one that should have stayed hidden forever. nobody else could have brought THIS out, but him. im in love with this *******. even though he did THIS to me. i hate people. i hate every human on the planet. except for perhaps matthew Gubler Gray, my two other close male friends, and perhaps one or two others. Im am socially retarded and the thought of having a conversation with somebody outside of my "happy zone", quite frankly TERRIFIES me. This is the real me. the one that could have stayed locked up inside of me. i could have been the fake happy social person that i used to be before i loved him.

I hate him.
I hate him so much.
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he is guy #1. not my current best friend. former best friend.