Came Back to Take Over My Life

he moved away for about a year to follow his girlfriend to college (which was pretty dooshy)  but when he was away i made a ton of awesome friends and was part a click and was well..
having the best time of my life.

that all changed when all of a sudden he calls me and is all like "man my girlfriend dumped me bla bla bla we should hang out"
im a forgiving guy so we did. and then he moved back shortly after his incident.

we started hanging out alot (like we used to do). and all was cool, it was like nothing ever happened.
but then i noticed WE'VE BEEN HANGING OUT A LITTLE TOO MUCH. (6 months straight every day to be exact). he calls as soon as he gets off work or something and wants to come over. and when i dont answer my phone, he just shows up.

every now and then i like to be alone and just relax. this is probably the first night alone in a while (turning off the cell phone really works).

i know that sounds bad, but HE THINKS HES SO COOL AND SMART.  its so annoying, all he does is bring down my mood with his "oh man that movie sucked" or "that person was so stupid" and then give his opinion (which he thinks are facts). EVERYTIME HE TALKS I WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.
he calls so much i never have time to even TALK to anybody else so my old friends and i kinda...
split apart.
im a social person, i need to talk to different people not just ONE PERSON like he does. cant he make his own friends. whats worse is what little friends i have now, hes in the process of stealing them from me. (ill explain)

i introduced him to some people, some people didnt like him, and some people like him a little too much.
1) the people who dont like him, dont like him because when i bring him to parties, he makes bad impressions and doesnt talk to anybody which makes me have to sit with him and not socialize with anybody else. (now i never get invited to exciting parties anymore). which makes me realize they were never my friends in the first place bla bla bla but still...hanging out with them was, like i said earlier, the best time of my life.

2) and the people who like him like him more than me now. (its because when hes around i stay quiet because if i dont ill look like i have touretts syndrome) and when they hang out when im not around it seems like they talk bad about me because all of a sudden they keep asking me "why ive changed"

i havent changed
but my life certainly has

itsraining05 itsraining05
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1 Response Aug 11, 2007

well if he has all your other friends why doesnt he just hang out with them......?<br />
<br />
tell him he's bugging you and to try to back off a little