What's Money Between Friends?

I have known my best friend for almost six years, and the first five years were awesome, we were inseparable.  The thing is that, we're somewhat different, but it has never been a problem, we balance each other, man. The actual problem is, his father has become quite wealthy, which that itself wouldn't be a problem except that I have to see this wealth everyday. You see, we're roommates, and since his father has become wealthy my best friend has bought new furniture, a motorcycle, 2 Ipod's, the new Apple laptop, an Iphone, he drives a brand new Mercedes Benz, a bunch of Cd's and DVD's and the list goes on. Also, everything I ever want and say I am going to save up for it, he buys for himself right on the spot. Then, when he realizes he has spent all of his allowance for the month on stupid crap, he wants to hassle me about my rent. It wasn't like this before, we used to chill, buy each other's meals when either of us didn't have money and talk about things we want in our future. It depresses me when I think about the good times. It's just sad that my best friend's greed has become a problem, and I'm not sure what I can do.

prodigusdude1010 prodigusdude1010
18-21, M
Mar 8, 2009