She Has Turned Into a Complete Monster.

I met my "best friend" about 11 years ago in college.  I really didn't like her from the beginning.  There was something about her that seemed so fake.  However, I was forced into being nice to her--our then boyfriends were living in a house together. 

Fast forward 11 years . . . My husband and her husband are still best friends and I absolutely cannot stand who she has become.  Just over a week ago she was arrested for felony shoplifting!  Pretty impressive for a 32 year old, right?  Her excuse . . . her addiction to pain medications made her not care about anything.  See, she wants everyone to feel sorry for her.  She was in a car accident over 2 years ago and is still using it as an excuse for being f'ed up.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she owes my husband and I $3,000.  This makes me sick to my stomach.  Just last week, after she was released from jail, she went out and bought some Ed Hardy shorts!  Give me freakin break!  She owes me money and she is out spending money on designer shorts--that she wears lying around the house doing NOTHING!!!

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3 Responses Mar 13, 2009

I'm having the same problem! Just tell that ***** how it is! And the money? Get your husband to talk to hers , they're best friends so maybe they can work it out? But as for her just shout all your issues at her and then leave it like it never happened , how she reacts will show your next move, avoid or continue, my opinion but of course I don't know your sitch, hope I helped even a little x

kick that ***** in the stomach

Basically you guys are "forced" friends, right? <br />
She seems to have mental health issues. If its possible, try suggesting that she sees a Therapist, without hurting her of course. Her splurging on designer clothes, is not only irresponsible, but also a cover up of how awful she may feel about her own self. Maybe she craves attention, but if your friend is really addicted to pain medications, it should be treated as a REAL addiction. I hope she gets well and that you guys solve your problems. Honestly, if you HAVE to see her because your husband and her husband are great friends, just fake it. Pretend to be nice, for the time being, and make up excuses to be somewhere else. Make it look like you're busy. And if she owes you and your husband $3000, step aside and let the men handle it. It seems like your friend doesn't want to talk about it....well let your hubby talk to his friend to get things rolling. Hope the advice helps.