She's a Horrible Person!

I am really sick of my "best friend". She is a terrible person who thinks she is better than everyone. She is never wrong.. and she is the greatest parent while everyone else sucks... I have never met a mother besdies her who tells her kids to "shut the **** up or i'll slap you in the mouth". She is so disgusting to me. I asked her to be my maid of honor and she said yes, than didn't offer to do a single thing for me. I actually told her she won't be my maid of honor anymore. I get so sick of her wondering why everyone is so "mean" to her, when in reality she is a bi**h and no one can stand her. She is so stuck up and hideous. And I dont mean her looks. I mean her as a person is completely and utterly disgusting and hideous. I got pregnant earlier this year.. then suddenly 2 months later she's pregnant telling me she won't be able to fit into a bridesmaid dress cause she is already "showing". Bi**h you've been pregnant for less than 3 weeks.. you're just fat.  I really hope she doesn't even come to the wedding.

gop1017 gop1017
Mar 17, 2009