Real Friends Are a Dime a Dozen

I have been friends with her  (I'll call her Heidi) for almost 10 years, throughout college, now we are adults with marriage, step-kids, homes, lives basically. I am currently dating her old best friend (I'll call him Brian) and she is married to another man. Me and Brian are very close to marriage, its definately in our future, anyway she is doing everything she can to sabatoge us, she is jealous of me and him, she is a raging mean alcoholic who says mean things to me when she is drunk and only does it when no one else is around, she instigates things between Brian and I and I honestly HATE her but my boyfriend has been friends with her and her husband since high school.
Neighborhater Neighborhater
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1 Response Aug 19, 2007

Yea sounds like big trouble!!!A> you need to tell her how you feel or B do what I hade to do today and that was end a 15 year friendship I am still having a hard time with it my kids call her aunt and everything but she attk. my husband and that is what made it over for me!!It will be the hardest thing you ever did but your realationship with soon to be hubby is more important!