Bff Kiss My ***

i hate my bf.
2 yrs ago she was a fatass, but sweet n funny.

now she's pretty slim and popular.
she picked up smoking to be cool
she wants boys to be her backup.
shes always whining like crap. when its my turn to talk sometimes she
dun even reply.

she stole my things, and even tho i bust her,
she denied and asked me why i questioned her
now we hardly spend time tgt
even if she wanted to, i whud just say im busy.

shes always in the spotlight and im just invisible

i think she still consider me her bestfriend
but she knows we'v grown apart bigtime

i foresee this day when she started her dieting plan n stuff
i tried to keep her real by telling her her problem
but second chances are useless.people never change,shes  way too high up for me to reach her now

btw i have a new bff.

cowardy cowardy
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2010