The Friend Who Corrects Everything I Say

It has come to a point with my best friend where i can no longer speak to him.  Everything I say, he has some opposite, and somehow infallible, opinion.  Today he called me to say hi and see what i was doing,  in passing he mentioned the U.S. upset over Canada in Olympic hockey.  I then asked what professionals were on the team, knowing that hockey is the only winter sport that allows professionals.  He then proceeded to ridicule me and tell me how retarded i am for thinking they allowed pros. he even tried to site a previous argument about the same thing.  Of course i was right both times.  Everything from what color the last car that passed us was to things about my own family, he disagrees with and adamantly imposes his view.  Long ago i tried to agree with everything he said to appease him but this only made him worse.   I have decided that from now on, when he starts to disagree with me i will just stop talking.  Thanks for listening, goodluck with everyone else's best bad friends.

Reorx911 Reorx911
22-25, M
Feb 22, 2010