I Hate My Best Friend

I hate my best friend. I met her when I joined a new school and we were best friends immediatly, everyone thought we had been best friends for ages. She was really nice and unique until we joined secondary school. Not showing off or anything but my fahion sense is not bad and neither is my personality. I noticed that she started wearing all the things I wore and then when I wore something she didn't have she would turn around to me and ask "where did you get that from"? and then when she wore it next time we met she would get really mad and say "Why did you copy me!" which is really unfair. Then I once told her who I liked and she went right up to him and started flirting and flicking her hair in a really fake way and when i tryed to talk to her about she said that I can't stop her from talking to boys!!!!  I then stupidly trusting her told her who i liked this time a different person and she did the same thing! It's not just that though because now I probably just sound like a jealous best friend. She never acts real around anyone. around other people she uses MY personality which sounds wierd but she does which really annoys me cause I know what she is really like. Around our other friends she fun, happy and a bit strange but around me she is evil! She always has to put me down for example when I got a really cheap keyboard for christmas which I was really mega excited about I just couldn't wait to show it to her no matter how small and cheap it was. She knew how happy I was about it and as soon as she entered the room she said Oh my god is that thing what you were so excited about!!! Its so small and ugly!!!! which really, really upset me. She is also a very violent person. Once I threw a snowball at her and she gave me a long scar down my arm which was apparently 'my fault'!  The worst thing is though that she make our friendship one big competition I draw something (we both like art) then she draws the same thing and shows it to me (even though it usually isn't as good cause she only started truly drawing in P7 which sadly makes me very smug).  She always has to steal the spotlight to I'm saying something then she suddenly says do you know what I DID? I realise i'v just written a very long rant but there are so many people who treat me like a person not like some dog they can use whenther they want. I really want nothing to do with her anymore.

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Your life is seriously my whole life and when i liked someone she didnt even know him and she didnt know his age or anything and she says she likes him

Almost everything you said happened to me like the drawin thing and stuff but when I would acknowledge that she copied me(not in a rude way, simply saying "hey, that's what I just drew! (:" she would be like "it was my idea I thought of it". Then at school I would hang out with some other friends and she would follow me LIKE REALLY ClOSE TO ME AND FRREAKIN BUMPING AGAINST ME, and she would act all fake around my friends and say cuss words to try and be cool. She would also laugh exactly how I laugh and brag about her new IPad. I even laughed differently to see if she would and she did!! So I am trying to send her a message by not asking to hang out with her but she is not getting it.

oh and she is very annoying and all my other friends see exactly what she does. Also she is 12 and acts like she is 6. She is like OMG I can't believe i straightened my hair!

Guess what ? <br />
We're totally hell in the same boat !<br />
Well , I got a bff and I always tell her that she's like my little sister that my mom forgot to deliver and she's kinda ' eyuww' with it. Not just that , she hates when I get any compliments. She will just turn her head . To put it simple , she hates my doings. Some of it . She will nag , mock and so on.<br />
In fact , she will make some faces that convincing me to stop wht I'm doing.<br />
But then , she tells her besties the same thing. I mean her new besties ! Then , She's doing wht I'm doing ! She's using my personalities , She's saying all my favorites things are hers . To make it worst - she's pretending like everything is perfectly fine !<br />
She is totally proud of herself ! Whenever I'm with her , somehow I will have to listen to her same-stories and dramas about how great she's being , bout all the boys that heads over heel with her and foremost about GUYSS !<br />
I know it sounds like I'm jealous but hey I'm not ! I don't.<br />
I'm in love with our friendship but I wish I can hate her !

i totally agree! my "bff" from a long time ago just suddenly totally changed her ENTIRE personality! now shes a total ***** and is flirting with all the guys i look at, going up to them and sitting on there laps! and whenever we hangout and gossip shes lke, "oohh i know i hate that **** sooo much eww" but then the next day she calls her up and asks if she wants ta hang out! now shes totaly toking about me b-hind my back and acting as if shes the super popular pretty good drawer. she told me she thot 7 guys liked her. but i have no choice but to go along with her little acts b-cus i acualy like her. its hard! and we kinda hav a thing going about im the tough cat and shes the little chiwwa? ( i no imaature lol) and i was always pretending she was in my purse? well now in public shes like "oh yah lol haha (my name) is like my little carry on bag SIDEKICK! and shes hissing and meowing in public like a cat! and now shes trying to be all depressed and gothick/emo but thats MY thing! GYAWD IM SO PISSED! but i like her but i hate her SOO MUCH. now she thinks shess soo cool! but relly i made her populer! evryone hated her wen i first met her! they wood literaly say, "why are u hanging out with her? ug i hate her!" and now shes all like "laalala im a cat! im goth! everyone loves me <3!" LALALALAL FUCIN LA!

You should talk to her and tell her whats been going on.

I hate my best friend too, I've just ended our 18 year of friendship and I will ever forgive that heartless selfish *****!

this sounds exactly like my "best friend" only she isn't violent. she plays frail. if you even touch her it's "OoOoOoOw!" mine has two personalities. her public personality, which is adjusted to attract boys by acting and saying cute things. she also steals phrases and slang. me and my real best friend have a tenancy of calling each other "bro" and smart variations. and no surprise, later ms. copycat calls "hey bro, when you pickin' me up broski?" -.-<br />
we too are both artists, and like you, my pieces always seem to come out better. we do ceramics and her things always take a very long time to make, and her things always break from instability and gives up, and is left to scowl at my perfectly fine pieces.<br />
she also takes credit in things that i found or did.<br />
she's also a grammar nazi, because she took advanced english classes, and that automatically makes her an expert.<br />
and so whenever i make a mistake when i speak, she exaggerates the little slip out of proportion.<br />
however, it's not as funny when she makes a slip and i make fun of it. she hushes up and makes her mad face.<br />
<br />
I'M SORRY i put all of this here, but it won't let you join the group unless you're 18, and it just shocked me how our "best friends" are so similar. maybe we should get them together sometime :D

Pshhh! I don't blame you! I would hate that person too!

some how, i can soo totally agree with u! i joined a new school 2, about 4 years ago, and i made a best friend...but she just tries to be ME, which is really annoying! she copies my profile introduction on facebook, everytime i update it, she tries to pass it on as her's, she only calls me up to talk about her boyfriend,or to tell me how he is better than my ex, with whom i had an ugly break-up, she puts me down, infront of my friends...she takes joy in knowing, that she's better than me......it's painfull! and I simply don't understand what to do! i wish, i could tell her to stop! but that seems sooo impossible, because she is afterall, MY BESTFRIEND.