My Best Friends Boyfriend Is A Bum

My best friend is a former shadow of the fun person she always was...She has been seeing this guy for the last 7/8 months and I realize hate is a strong word...but that's how I feel. He is lazy, obnoxious and arrogant. He is such a looser in a dead end job with no ambition to better himself. To make things worse he is a major drinker....and more or less lives in our apartment. I have never seen him go two days without having a drink and when he does..its not the normal one or 2..more like 6/7 followed by a bottle of wine. I'm sick of him in the house...he lives at home and so stays in ours ALL the time...minus input to bills,rent etc!He somehow always has money for drink though!! My friend seems to allow him to use our apartment as a and out whenever suits and him falling in when he's so drunk and his friends have gone home! As far as I can see he is a user..he never contacts her on these nights out or he is at anything with friends time is when he needs somewhere to stay when he is out on one of his benders or sawing money on bus fare when he doesn't go home.Ehhh i'm so frustrated as my friend has gotten so boring and pathetic and refuses to do ANYTHING without him...I can't even enter my bedroom without him coming in with her.... she doesn't go on nights out or anything but expects me to hang out with her then when he is not about....I feel so used like a consultation prize!!His face actually makes me empty reach...and other friends find him completely irritating also!He's immigrating in a few weeks and I've never been so happy but as selfish as it sound I feel resentful towards my friend as I feel like ill be picking up the pieces after her own mess....I know I spund selfish but she also has been.....please give me advice
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May 18, 2012