My Bestfriend, My Sister... And Hes Not Even Her Boyfriend To Claim

I cant express how much I love my best friend. We always say that we're soul mates not meant to be together as friends this time around bc we both like guys.

This guy shes been seeing for the past few years is a major loser! I mean he tops all ******** Ive ever met.

One, they aren't even in an exclusive relationship bc she like #8 in his life NOT including his 5 five kids who take up the first five spots. He had the nerve to tell her that he loved her and then his ex gf pops up pregnant a month later. Within the 3 years they've been "secretly" seeing each other, he's had FOUR kids by 3 different girls.

At first it was somewhat acceptable bc he technically wasn't in a relationship with anyone and they were just sleeping together and she claims that it was sex w/o feelings but who is she trying to fool bc while he was sleeping with different girls several times a day she was only with him.

I'm worried she'll be trapped in this relationship that has no future but she doesn't see that at all. Shes too good of a person to be treated 2nd best. . . in her case 13th best! She wont listen to anything I say but believes that things will work out.

Shes got so much to offer and deserves to be someones #1 and have all their attention and not just when its convenient for him to text her while hes at work and not home with the "Baby Mama"/Fiance that he lives with.

She wants me to support her but I cant. I HATE liars and cheaters. I don't hate her, I hate that she has become this person who would lie, cheat, and steal something that isn't hers to begin with... all to hold onto this FALSE HOPE.

designerj1987 designerj1987
22-25, F
Nov 27, 2012