He's Destroyed Her

At first he seemed like a really cool guy i approved i was so happy for her, maybe this would be better then the last. I was wrong..., hes completely changed her and not for the better, he got her to dye her hair and wear it different. He got her to wear different clothes and listen to the music he liked. He changed her beleifs and took her away from everyone. Other people just think there desperately in love but she tell me everything and hes a monster. I tell her to just get out of that relationship i know you would be happier. But she says she cant she "loves" him too much its only been 4 months, she was fine without him before and shell be even better without him now. Ive tryed everything i dont know what to do anymore, but im not going to let him have her all to his self.. hes cheateed and hurt every single one of his other girlfriends and im just waiting hoping he doesnt hurt her. :(
EmmyDebro EmmyDebro
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013