Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice...

My best friend found this guy at a club one night. She's so guarded and has had such a rough past that I encouraged her to be open to him since he was being nice. But she decides that he's weirding her out and doesn't want to do that. Ok, well fine. But then weeks or a month later I find out they've been talking and now she's going on some dates with him. They soon become boyfriend-girlfriend and that's all fine with me. But then she loses her virginity to him, which I'm so surprised at because she's been abused in the past and she's only known this guy for a few months, but she claims she's happy so, well ok then.

But then another two weeks go by and he tells her he's been cheating on her the entire time. He has as many as 4 girls at a time and when he's done with them he just drops them without saying another word. Best of all, he tells her this through a text message and won't pick up his phone, will only do this through text.

So she stays with him. Needless to say I'm not fond of him at this point and take on the best friend role of hating his guts. This girl is basically a sister to me and you hurt her and you're done in my book.

Then after sneaking around with him, distance growing between us, and several crappy months, guess who calls?

Oh right, it's the girl friend of nine years! He claimed he was living with his he's living with her! He said he was 24, nope! He's actually about to be 30! The gf tells my friend to back off and my friend claims she's done.

But she has to get "answers" from him. So she's still talking to him and then she's still seeing him, while living in fear of his girlfriend who works in the same company as her but does the over-night shift (He said his mother worked nights at the hospital). Now she's still sleeping with him as well!! She's hiding and sneaking around and can't look me in the eye. I can't believe she would do this to herself, but I'm astonished she's doing this to someone else. How can she sit there and live with herself and know that he's doing all this to her and she believes every word out of her mouth!

If all this isn't enough to get rid of him? What will be the bottom line?

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1 Response Jul 30, 2009

OMG I can totally relate! My best friend believes everything her ex bf says even though he lies ALL the time, and she lies to me about seeing him. She also acts really weird and I know she's been talking to him, our friendship is suffering because of it. I know they're getting back together. If you figure out how to solve your problem let me know!