He Just Ticks Me Off.

Warning: This is really long and rant-y. I don't blame you if you don't want to read it. xD

I don't really know why I hate Andy. There's just a million little things that **** me off, scare me, and make me worry for Hannah.

Let me start by telling you about Hannah, my best friend. She's strikingly beautiful, funny, down-to-earth, smart, and really has a future ahead of her. She's already almost halfway done with a cosmetology course that will let her work at salons and have steady work and she's only a junior in high school. She never takes **** from anyone and is quick to defend her friends and family.

But Andy... Grr.

He's twenty, dropped out of high school his... sophomore year I believe. He lives in a dangerous part of town, is obsessed with weapons, and is just an all-around douchebag. And he's pretty damn ugly.

And it's my fault they like each other.

Let's rewind back to freshman year (before I left public school). I got called to the principal's office where the only open seat was next to a hulking mass. He immediately started talking to me about his collection of knives, swords, and guns.

I was even more terrified of guns back then and just stared in little-fourteen-year-old horror. He continued talking to me in a study hall we had together. Other than his creepy obsession with weaponry he seemed pretty nice so when he asked for my cell phone number I didn't have a problem giving it.

Shortly after I left the high school to do my courses online he dropped out. We talked occassionally at night on the phone, mostly about my at-the-time girlfriend and our jobs. He later walked to my work and hung out which got me in trouble with my higher-ups.

Then he declared he liked me. Being a naive little bisexual girl, I told my girlfriend. It was one of the many contributing factors of our breaking up a few weeks later. Depressed about being dumped, I agreed to be his girlfriend.

That lasted about a week. Haha. I felt guilty about using him to move on from my ex and told him I couldn't use him like that.

Fast forward another year, I was fifteen and he was nineteen. I was lonely from losing my two best friends and started talking to him again. Aaand he decided he liked me again. Or at least try to get into my pants. I tried to make myself like him back and we agreed to go on a date. But we cancelled because of the weather. I knocked some sense into myself and started talking to a guy who would become my best friend and I would fall in love with, EJ.

Now, EJ had a cheating girlfriend. And guess who was one of the guys she cheated on EJ with?

That's right, Andy.

Around this time (early 2009) Hannah and I were becoming good friends and I, weirded out that he was trying to get in my pants and annoyed at the constant texting, asked Hannah to talk to him so he'd leave me alone.



A year later I'm sitting on the floor in the hall of his ghetto apartment while he's having sex with my best friend.

She knows I hate him.

He disrespects her, mocks her, insinuates that we're lovers or something, enables her smoking addiction, and is constantly telling me to "go get laid". Well, when he's not smoking in my face that is.

I try to tolerate him for Hannah... But everything he does ****** me off so badly! I've gone with her three times to his house. I refuse to go back.

I don't doubt that he's going to be what ends my friendship with Hannah. It's kinda inevitable.

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O_O What?! I would never, ever do something like that to her.

heyy u schould have sex with him and preten u like him but dont tell hanna or OR u schould pay a diffrent girl that hanna dos not no and the other girl schoould have sex with him but when she has sex with him take hanna to his house and sneak up on him so that hanna sees him with the other girl and if hanna is ok with it the have the other girl cry and say we have ben dating for 3 years i cant beleave he has ben cheating with this hanna girl or have her say that since they had sex shes pregnet or have her say to hanna that he says its over and have her push hanna out of the room and close the door