The Teacher

Guys, my best friend is dating my teacher. And frankly, I haven't said anything to anyone except here. But really, idk where else to turn to! I dropped the class because unlike my best friend, I don't get free grades. This class is an A/V class, and I have no other team members because my friend is too busy conoodling over at the teacher's desk. And I've explained it to my friend that I hate the class. And they complain about the girlfriend all the time. Guys, this woman is 26 and acts like a gosh darn middle school. It's ridiculous. And I look like the ***** for dropping the class cause no one knows the full situation. The teacher lady was supposedly hurt. I'm not buying it
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Their relationship would violate school rules I think. Shame on the teacher to allow such a thing to happen.