I Hate My Best Frien's Gf!

Okay so lets see... my best friend started dateing this one girl for almost 6 months now... She has a lot of bad stuff about her and what she has done. I never really liked her from the beginning because I knew she was going to mess things up in his life... and guess what I was right (and im not happy about it) he had asked me before hand what i tought about her and i told him I didnt care for her and that i thought he could find someone better. I guess he didnt think i ment it... because the next week they started date'n. Well his gf hates me!!! MUCH MORE than i dislike her. So hates me so much that she asked him to stop talking to me and my friend jessica who are two of his closest friends (at least were) and he actually did!!) i mean really??? are u going to give up tour best friends for a girl, when its not like you two are going to get married!!! and also ONLY 15!!! well he did! As i sai me and my friend jessica were his closest friends besides my cousin who she doesnt mind! but i tell my cousin everything!!! so does she really think!!! that because i always hang out with my cousin and my best friend who's girlfriend hates me als does! does she really think i can vertually stay away from him at all!!! And by the wAY WE SEE EACH OTHER EVERY SUNDAY BECAUSE OF CHURCH!!!!  and our church isnt big and not that many people go so its not really possible to avoid all contact!!! Well anyways his girlfriend found out that i spoke to him and by the way i only talked to him because our youth leader put us together to do smething... anyways she found out apperently and when i called his gf to find out y she was madder at me than usuall (btw at the time i had no clue she knew) she started cursing me out when all i had said (calmly) was... "why are you soo mad and angry at me?" she strated cusing and saying that i can never talk to her again and i better not ever talk to him again either!!! an he just let it happen he didnt say a thing!!!!! right now the only friend he was (by her rules) is my cousin and it is kinda hard for him to talk to my cousin without seeing me cuz my cousin is like always at my hous elike now... and we always hag out!!!! I know he is a guy and he will make stupid desicions but thats no excuse not to see everything thats going wrong right infront of him! ad the worse part is that he doesnt seemed to be fazed by any of this! do u have any advise?????;(:/

vhsstrait5 vhsstrait5
13-15, F
Mar 6, 2010