She Was Like My Sister

My best friend i were inseperable, in my eyes she could do no wrong. Everyone hated her they thought she was a stupid manipulate little girl who used me an everyone around her. I guess you could i use to be the exact same way only difference is i grew up an she didnt, i never understood why ppl hated her so much until she f*cked me over like she did to everyone, i just she would be different with me. She tore my world apart she damaged my relationship with my family she stole my money ,my clothes an after all that i still forgave her!! This wasnt enough for her she had to go out with a bang then shes tries to sleep with my BOYFRIEND!! ugh! i wanted to kill her btw if he did this wuda been the 3rd bf of my she slept with. I cnt stand her!! she calles an wantes to b freinds like wtf!! is ur problem get it through ut head we will NEVER!!! be friends again i seriously wna beat u till a pulp! leave me alone stop calln ugh! u were a great friend an i do miss u from time to time but we weill never be beesties again!
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Aug 3, 2010