What a Friend!


well i have this partner in crime type of friend. we have been really close...but nowadays, im wondering if it's just me or is she trying to invade everything! i guess that she's jealous because i get the best of everything. now she wants a share of it! i don't even really treat her as one of my friends. i just can't seem to avoid her! i know every bad little thing about her and i accept and understand her for that! but it's gotten too far. i dont believe that she's a true friend because she leaves me if someone better than me hangs out with us.. as in she ignores me. ugh! i cant taaaaaaaaaaake it!and i just act as if nothings wrong as i go along with her awful games!

ahks08 ahks08
1 Response Mar 4, 2009

you need to accept that shes not good for you.<br />
or at least confront her and talk about how shes been bothering you and ways to help it or stop it.<br />
give her 3 chances (strikes) from this piont on (or from the piont you tell her it bothers you) and if she breaks them all leave her. it'll be hard but uve got to do it.<br />
simple :)