My bestfriend is dating a guy right now and he is a year older than us The relationship is just awkward and if you take away the pyhsical relationship between them its just deep breathing phone calls awkward conversations and stupid fights He is UGLY and a cry baby I said that I couldn't trust boys and she told him that well then he started to cry and wouldnt stop until i apoligized It was through my teeth He isn't nice at all and all he wants is sex beacuse no other girl will give it to him I want to tell her but if I do or even bring up something bad about him then she gets mad at ME about it She doesnt even see what a loser this guy is and that she can do SOOOO much better I want them to break up But she think that they will get married UGH She says that she is just jealous because i have never seen true love. WE ARE FING 14 SHE DOESN'T KNOW LOVE UGHHHHHHHHH
madphoto1 madphoto1
Aug 10, 2010