I ******* Hate My Boyfriend

Ugh.... I'm so mad at this whole situation. I let myself get all wraped up in my boyfriend I started listening to everything he said.. I quit my job TWO years ago to date him and live with him (he was my supervisor at work). He was so perfect he was happy to see me every day. He was nice to me, and always gave me compliments. He took in me and my daughter after leaving a bad marriage.(another story for another day). After being together six months and a lovely vacation I got pregnant. He really wanted a baby and loves her very much but that's not my point here people.. He ******* sucks I never should have started depending on him for money.. Now I'm stuck. I'm starting school in a few short weeks, which means I've already enrolled paid money up front and signed contracts.. Therefore I can't work and take care of two kids and go to school by myself.. He leaves his **** everywhere. He has a fit every time I even try to look nice, no make up for me ladies I don't even own any now.A cosmetology student with no make up:( he is not the person I thought he was. The worst part is he thinks he is perfect, even when I ask for more.(love attention conversation) he doesn't let me have friends, and I can't go anywhere!! My only conversations are with a five year old and a nine month old.. He makes plenty of money and I'm still forced to shop from clearance racks and its a problem if its more than 5 dollars:( I have been buying stuff online to fit the all black dress code at school, he's gonna be pissed:(
Babycakes20 Babycakes20
Jan 11, 2013