I Turned 17 On July 24, 2010

At the morning of my birthday i felt the need to write a list of what could have i done and they were all bad I love my family but that's no quite so. As we came from the store my father couldn't stop saying how terrible I was that he was embarrassed to be my father, he lowered my self esteem so low. I protested and felt miserable couldn't stop crying broke into a emotional break down in front of him and all the jerk could do was say more crap this and that. On the day that was suppose to be my birthday he literary made me feel worse about my self. All my mother could do was listen to his foul language. I hate him so much he's done this before and I think this is even worse. On my birthday oh and another thing he couldn't even say "Happy Birthday" or give me a birthday hug like some my friends receive from their fathers. This like all days is the worst day of my life.

My sister says"Your being selfish."
My mother says"You know how he is."
All my father could say is "Your ungrateful."

I can't stop crying what should I do? How should I feel?
Who's right and wrong? Is this normal?
Please comment I want to here your opinion
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

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i feel the same way about my birthday. it is coming up this month , i already know ill just get up , go to school, come home, homework. nothing special. i know ill get nothing from my parents , the past few years all ive done is cried on my birthday. the last good birthday i have had...i cant remember. my 'friends' don't care at all, even less than my family, i wish i had great, best friends but i don't. my heart goes out to you. i hope someday we can both enjoy our birthdays, or "special" days.