My Usual Sad Pathetic Lonely Bithday

On a particular night in September i would always be on my own. That night will always be on the eve of my birthday. I would pick a quiet spot and cried softly reflecting on the evil injustices that had befalls me for these past 3 years. I have been fighting depression for these past 3 years eversince a particular evil woman deceives and betrayed me. I have never celebrated my birthday with a woman whom i genuinely loves. 3 years ago, The one and only time i did celebrates my birthday was with this particular evil woman and it was one of my worst Birthday date ever. And I am damn sure that will be the one and only time I will be out on my birthday with her again. I really really hate my birthdays. For me my birthday is nothin to be joyous and happy about. It will be the usual sad lonely pathetic miserable day out there for me as usual for my Birthday. And this year, i know that i will be alone on my own cryin softly on my Birthday asking God in vain the same questions that I have been askin him for this past 3 years. And comes that particular day in September, as usual I will be wandering in sadness and misery on my own out there on my lonely pathetic birthday, knowin that it will be another usual dreaded lonely miserable sad birthday for me this year, next year and the following years that will come in my life.
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

I don't know how best to help friend, but I do want to wish you a Happy Birthday. Try to enjoy your special day because although you may not believe it or you don't feel like it, there are plenty of kind hearted and caring individuals in this world. You have to look, but do not look too hard if that makes sense. <br />
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I am sorry you feel this way about your birthday, but please try to smile during your special day and whenever else you might feel down. This is going to be corny, but a smile makes you feel better. It's a proven fact.<br />
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Happy birthday once more, friend.