Its The Most Depressing Time Of The Year.

I met Stephen on my first day of secondary school, he was my best friend up until last January, when he died.

He was the most loyal and trustworthy friend i have ever known, he has never once betrayed me, or failed to stand up for me. When he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, his blood sugar was so high he spent several days in hospital whilst they slowly lowered it to safe levels, and experience he made sound less than pleasant. Obviously his family was informed to come to the hospital right away, but whilst he was in hospital, i was the only one he called to tell what had happened. Of course i immediately switched to sugar-free soft drinks (mainly so as to not rub in the fact that he couldn't drink the "real" version any more)

I hadn't talked to him much over the months leading up to 2010, since our respective university courses kept us both very busy (him more than me), and for some reason, we didn't meet up over the Christmas holiday, even though we lived only a few miles from each other. A few weeks after getting back to university, only a week before my last birthday, i got a phone call, saying he was dead. I still deeply regret not meeting up with him over Christmas.

The doctors said he died from "complications with his diabetes" which is medical jargon for saying, he dropped dead suddenly and they don't know why. Despite not letting the diabetes control him, Stephen was very careful with his diabetes. He checked every cut on his feet, he never missed an insulin injection, or went anywhere without insulin and glucose, and his blood sugar was consistently in the healthy range. But one day, he died, sitting in his film room at university (he loved films, he had a deal with his house mates, that he would take one of the small rooms if he could have both of them, so he turned one into a film room, the walls covered in shelves holding almost 1000 DVDs). He would always watch 1 film before going to bed, so that night, like usual he said goodnight and went into his film room. He was found in there the next morning, he must have died during the film. Which means he went from, perfectly fine, to dead in under 2 hours, he died so fast he didn't even have time to leave the room for help.

You can guess that i didn't really enjoy my birthday. And i don't see how i ever will, from now on it is only a reminder of how my best friend died for no reason at all, with 3 people sleeping just down the hall, i dont blame them, not at all, there is no way they could have known he was dying in there. But it just adds to the pointlessness of his death.
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I can only say, I understand. I'm so sorry that you had to experience this.<br />
I've had a similar experience. The death happened the day after my birthday. I still remember the dinner I had on that birthday and feel sick about it. Even now, 8 years after it. For 7 years, I banned celebrating my birthday. This year I gave in for the sake of my son. I don't think there will ever be a birthday I will truly enjoy.